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Guild Recruitment Guidelines (02/05/2017)

on Tue May 02, 2017 8:08 pm
Guilds are an essential part of the AoTTG community and it's no different with Blade PvP. This thread will cover the basic rules and standards into creating a thread where Guild leaders could promote and advertise their PvP guilds. Let's get into it.

Guild thread Standards and Recruiting Etiquette

  • So when creating a guild thread, give some insight on what your guild is like. Is your guild competitive? Is your guild simply just for fun? Remember to outline your goal.  

  • Show or illustrate the guild system, or mention high ranking guild officers or members.These are just some of the little things you need to create an impression for your guild. Also be sure to include your Guild Logo/Emblem.

  • If you have a guild website up and running, you may use that to provide insight and much more information for your guild. Simply just provide a link to your guild website.

  • Make sure the rules and criteria for joining are clearly outlined. To provide even more information, you'll need to set up a criteria for joining. It could be based upon language, skill, ideal location and etc.

  • If planning to recruit multiple times, do NOT create another thread, unless it's a new guild being founded. All you have to do is "bump" your Guild thread and it will appear on the front page of the Guilds category forum. (See the Forum Terms Announcement)*

How to contact Guild leaders

After reviewing a thread of a Guild you're interested in, there's only one question left. How will you contact the Guild? There are two ways you can go about approaching and handling this issue.

  • The creator of the post has already seen ahead of this issue, and has posted their contact information in the thread along with everything else. All you have to do is seek them out.

  • However, not all people are comfortable with having their info publicly displayed. To get around this, simply PM the user, let them know you're interested in joining and either give them your contact info or ask for their's.

Displaying your Guild on the Forum

  • Users can display their Guilds using custom signatures that they or someone else created.

In conclusion, these are guidelines users are expected to follow to the letter. They help organize guild threads and make things so much easier and simpler for all users looking to join a guild via this forum. Consider this as some sort of "Survival Guide" and remember, threads that do not follow most of these rules will be removed from the forum.
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