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Forum Rules & Guidelines 1.0 - ALL USERS READ!

on Tue May 02, 2017 8:03 pm
Welcome to the AoTTG Blade PvP forums! Now before you make any comments/posts or threads, please review the forum rules. They are here for a reason and are absolute. These rules and regulations will be enforced by our staff members and are subject to review and change if it helps make the forum better. Without further ado, let's get into the rules.

Thread/Topic Creation

  • Search to see if a topic you wanted to make already exists on the forum. If the topic exists, kindly refrain from making the topic unless you have something significant to add to it. If the topic doesn't exist, go for it.

  • When creating a thread, don't make it for the sake of simply getting a topic out. Ask yourself if it's worthwhile and productive. Troll and dupe threads will be removed from the forums.

  • Be aware that this forum is mainly focused on Blade, Skate, Cave fight and any other forms of PvP. Making threads Bomb, Damage and Racing threads are considered "off-topic" and should be made in the Gen. Discussion forum. ¬†Also remember to stay on topic. The occasional joke is understandable and overlooked, but do not derail a thread.

  • Do not post any pornography or adult content on this forum. Be aware that there are minors here.

  • Do not spam. Refrain from belting out several topics in a single day and keep the thread creations to a reasonable amount. Also remember to use the edit button instead of double posting.

Interactions with other users

  • Watch your language and attitude towards other forum members. Be respectful and do not TROLL, do not be OBNOXIOUS, do not be OFFENSIVE and do not BAIT.

  • Do not steal and plagiarize the works/ideas of other users. If you intend on using them in thread, respect the creator by tagging him/her or giving them credit.

  • Discussions and debates are expected to happen. Do not use antagonizing language. When wrong, swallow your pride and own up to your mistake.

User rules

  • When creating your username, keep it respectful. You are free to use whatever name you please as long as it's not lewd, offensive and etc.

  • Similar to rule 1 in User Rules, also make sure that your avatar is not lewd, offensive and etc.

  • If you are a guild leader, make sure your guild name and logo also abide by the criteria mentioned in the first point.

That's about all the general rules/standards this forum requires you to meet. Remember, they're subject to change if it helps the forum and it's members. Have fun & Welcome to the Forum!

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