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Meet the Staff (Members needed!)

on Tue May 02, 2017 7:55 pm
Welcome to the AoTTG Blade PvP Forums. So to start off, the intention of this thread is to get users to know the staff that regulate, manage and run the forums. This announcement will provide an introduction, some background of each staff member and their duties on this site. This way, you know who to PM if you have any issues or problems. Let's begin.

Site Administrators

Forum Moderators

These are the people who oversee and regulate the forums in each category, move and manage threads, and help set up the forum rules along with the Admins. Each forum category will have 2-4 Moderators or "Mods" to regulate it.

Introductions Forum Mods


Events & Contests Forum Mods


Gen. Discussion Forum Mods


PvP Guild Forum Mods


PvP Maps Forum Mods


Off-topic Discussion Forum Mods

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