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AoTTG Blade PvP   

Aottg Blade PvP Arena Champions Tournament

Admin | Published tue Jun 27, 2017 6:12 pm | 3182 Views

This summer, the AoTTG community will be hosting massive Blade PvP Tournament dubbed as "The Arena Championship". With over 100 players and 41 guilds already registered, it is sure to be a massive event. The tournament will be held for three days, starting on Friday, June 7th to June 9th. Prizes include blade skins, character portraits and several titles. In addition several hosts will be there to hold and supervise each match along with streamers to record the event.

The event was kickstarted with the release of this trailer (Credit: Pain)

With a player cap of 128, it's urged that those who want to participate sign up as soon as possible for a chance to compete in this event.

Registration is up to June, 25th.
Tournament Site:
Registration Link:

Be sure you sign up for the epic event this July featuring the most talented pvpers and challengers like never before! See you all at the Tourney!

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